Bangkok BTS

Bangkok BTS – The Bangkok Mass Transit System which is commonly referred to as the BTS or “Skytrain” is an elevated train with two different lines. The “Sukhumvit line” runs from Bearing station to Mo Chit and has 23 total stations. The “Silom line” runs from National stadium to wangwian yai with 9 total stations. The two lines intersect at Siam so you can switch lines along the way. The skytrain also intersects with Bangkok’s MRT (subway) to get to even more destinations in the city.

bangkok bts

The skytrain is easy to use and is pretty reasonably priced for travelers. If you plan on using the BTS often you can also purchase daily passes or monthly. When you pay per trip you select your destination at one of the machines outside the terminal and pay according to the distance that you will be travelling. The BTS is a great way to get around the city and covers most of the places that visitors plan on visiting. The BTS rail line is currently undergoing expansion in will open up even more of the city to easy access in the near future.



Get around Bangkok the easy way with the Bangkok BTS!

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