Bangkok City

BKK – It’s not just an airport code, it’s 3 letters that many people use to refer to the city of Bangkok, Thailand. Bangkok is an amazing city of approximately 9 Million people. It’s crowded, it’s congested, it’s full of entertainment, it’s Bangkok. Words can’t really describe it and it needs to be visited to be appreciated.

The Greatest City in the World is how many describe it once they have spent some time here.

Bangkok may seem like it’s on the other side of the world and for some of the visitors, it literally is! But that shouldn’t stop you from visiting this city and the rest of this amazing country called Thailand. The flight may be long, and the price of tickets expensive, but once you set foot in the “Land of Smiles” you’ll forget about the time spent crammed in a plane and won’t regret the money spent on a plane ticket.

The hotels in Bangkok are affordable and rank up there with the worlds best. Check Bangkok Hotels for a great deal on a comfortable and luxurious room.

Bangkok shopping malls rival the worlds best. The amount of restaurants to choose from will have you searching for days and still undecided on where you should eat. Top notch dinning at affordable prices and if you want to go cheap, Bangkok has that too. Some of the street food will have you wondering why you should even visit a restaurant at all. The Thai food is amazing and the sheer amount of International restaurants in the city will make sure you never go hungry. Some rank it as the best place in the world to eat and I have to agree with them.

Popular daytime activities include sightseeing, Temple visiting, shopping, and some of the best city parks on the planet. The city is dotted with world class golf courses for the golfers among you. Floating markets, river cruises, some may be starting to wonder what isn’t there to do in Bangkok! The answer, not much. You’ll find plenty of ways to spend your time throughout the day. When night falls though, that’s when the city really comes alive.

Bangkok nightlife is unparalleled and draws millions of Visitors a year to Thailand to experience it. Bangkok truly has it all. From high-end clubs to seedy little hole in the wall bars. The night life is vast and has something for everyone. Sukhumvit, RCA, Siam, Ratchada, Khaosan Rd, Soi Cowboy, Nana Plaza, and the well known Patpong are just some of the places visitors flock to each and every night in the City of Angels.

A fantastic city on the Chao Phraya river. A city built for Thai’s but accommodating to the entire world. Once you come you may never want to leave. “The Hangover 2” had it right when they said “Bangkok has me now

If you do want to venture outside of the city their are plenty of nearby destinations and some that aren’t so near. Flights are quick and relatively cheap. If you’d rather stay on the ground most places are accessible by taxi, bus, or train.  If you’re planning on visiting an island most of them can be reach by ferry or speedboat. With dozens of popular islands to choose from some times it’s hard to decide on which one to visit. They’re all beautiful in their own unique way.

Visit Bangkok and enjoy all that the city has to offer.

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